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Withaferin A

Plant based drugs are being increasingly used in recent times all over the world. However their standardization has become a matter of great concern in getting a wide acceptance for them.The efficacy and safety of herbal drugs depend largely on their authentication and quality. Thus effective methods of standardization and quality control of the plant drugs as well as these extracts are necessary.

As for as the plant raw materials are concerned, the biological activity is due to the bioactive compounds present in them, which makes the plant drugs therapeutically potential. For deciding the quality of the plant material and herbal formulations assay for chemical marker is an important parameter necessarily to be studied.

Lack (or) inadequacy of genuine quality Phytochemical Reference Standards has been a discouraging factor for many potential herbal drug manufacturers and also a handicap in regulating the herbal drug market and in the process of standardization.

Against this back drop, we initiated to develop Phytochemical Reference Standards to meet the requirements of herbal drug, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.

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